About Us

What is ReceiptNG Solution?

ReceiptNG is a cloud based business management solution designed to support businesses and ensure that receipts are issued in an easier and effective way in the Nigerian business space. It aims to enhance sustainable responsibility from business providers and build confidence in consumers, thus enhancing business relationships in the Nigerian polity while supporting already existing fiscal structures.

ReceiptNG is digital receipting and invoicing solution for every stakeholder, specifically small and medium businesses and their customers in the Nigerian business space. This cloud based management solution is value adding to business services and products providers, and their stakeholders. The solution is available in web application and mobile application

Receiptng.com makes it easier, faster and cheaper for business providers to issue and send invoices and receipts electronically to their clients and customers in a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly manner.

It also affords every user the ability to manage their e-receipt and invoice filings and archives for various objectives.

  • Secure access at all times from any web device of your choice and mobile application on iOS and Android. Your information and data is entirely secure in the cloud.
  • Easy to access and track for your personal and business use
  • Complements and supports your business processes for convenience and other business decisions
  • Enhances your ability to achieving fiscal responsibility